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Volunteering with Phoenix Revolution Sports is an experience you do not want to pass on. No one at Phoenix Revolution Sports is paid, and we will ask a lot of you.  However, the reward is greater than a dollar amount.  With Phoenix Revolution Sports we guarantee, the right volunteer, will have a blast, all while aiding in the guidance and happiness of our area youth. As a volunteer with Phoenix Revolution Sports you are expected to be: knowledgeable, dedicated, mild tempered, like-minded and reliable. However we do not expect you to “go at it” alone.  As a coach/ volunteer we make every effort to provide each team with 2-3 coaches, (or more) depending on the sport, and each task with a team, so that no one person has to totally alter his/her schedule to volunteer.  the difference with Phoenix Revolution Sports is, you are more than a volunteer, you are family and we can’t wait to meet you and welcome you as such. Don’t be shy, join us today:

Volunteer spots available:

  • 3/4 boys basketball assistant coach
  • 5th boys basketball assistant coach
  • 8th boys basketball assistant coach
  • High school boys  assistant coach
  • Booster members/ fundraisers
  • Tumbling Coach
  • Media Crew Teacher
  • Media Crew Director
  • 4th girls basketball assistant coach
  • 7th girls basketball assistant coach
  • 8th girls basketball assistant coach
  • Volleyball  head coach
  • Volleyball assistant coach
  • Experienced grant writer

Join online @

or shoot me an email :