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Is AAU or high school hoops more important during the basketball recruiting process?

Is AAU or high school basketball more important?I recently had a chance to talk to a few coaches. Some were college coaches and others were high school coaches. And one of the most interesting aspects of their opinions is how much emphasis should be put on AAU basketball.

In one corner, you have a high school basketball team that you should be focusing on. They will be the team that you spend the winter playing for and hopefully winning games. The AAU program on the other hand is the team you play with during the off-season. But when events for both occur on the same weekend, what should you do as a player? What should be more important to you?

In the opinion of college coaches, there is no substitute for AAU basketball. This gives them a chance to see an athlete compete first hand with some of the other top basketball players in the country. It is vital to the recruiting process and many coaches will base most of their scholarship offers on the play of an athlete during the summer.