• "I just want to show my appreciation for all you have done for the kids in the community and surrounding areas.  Your time, effort, money and love for the kids has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in more ways than just basketball."

    Dawn Davis Teacher, Peet Junior High
  • "Great coaching and an excellent youth to High School Basketball Program. My family joined Revolution a year ago and the 7th-8th grade girls, plus the High School girls teams went to the Nationals Competitions. The founders of Revolution are a family of very educated and skilled siblings that work on developing the boys/girls skills in all sports."

    Kelli Barlow
  • " The difference between the Phoenix Revolution & every other AAU type program is huge.  The mission is truly altruistic.  They utilize the fun of athletic competition to teach kids about life.  They make sure that opportunities are available to young men and women that would not normally be available.  What Phoenix Revolution has started will change hundreds of lives!"

    Richard Crowe
  • "I love the opportunities and structured basketball that Phoenix Revolution has provided for my kids. Not only is this group like an extended family to me but both parents and coaches have one common goal, to help pave the way for a brighter future for our children. I feel that this organization genuinely cares about every child. This is a great group of people!!!!"
    Torbik Brown

    Torbik Brown
  • It's been a pleasure working with the revolution family, everyone gets alone and we are one big happy family. Thank you for welcoming me and my daughter into your organization.

    Coach Derrick Revolution Coach
  • Amazing Organization!!! Very good with your kids and they teach your children what a TEAM means I recommend them to everyone.

    Ashley Malina Revolution Football Parent
  • it’s wonderful the people are so sweet!!❤️‼️

    Amber Crowe