Phoenix Revolution Sports is currently developing our Volleyball league. We are looking for volunteers who are experienced in the game of volleyball, but also have genuine love for children. We need coaches, a Director of volleyball, and booster club members. All volunteers will have to go through annual back ground checks, and have annual coaches training. Registration for our first season will begin in August 2018.

Program Goals:

First and foremost, we are dedicated to enhancing our area volleyball athletes’ abilities to further their career at the school level or to help athletes obtain their dreams of pursuing collegiate level opportunities. We want to provide affordable and competitive volleyball the athletes. Phoenix Revolution Sports will provide a positive place for athletes, to bond and grow in skill, as a team, and as an individual on and off the court. We will primarily participate in Houston area tournaments.

Our Training:

We will provide quality training in all aspects of the game. Our training sessions will consist of jump training, quickness and agility training, volleyball fundamentals, team tactics, scrimmages, and we will compete in area tournaments. The program is committed to treating all athletes as family, we will help one another, push one another, and grow together in our Revolution family. Every athlete will be given an opportunity to improve the many skills associated with this exciting, demanding, and rapidly changing sport. Practice will be one or two hours per day and two or three times per week. (at the coaches’ discretion and based on the need of the team)

Phoenix Revolution sports requires a commitment to the game, self-development, teamwork, and respect for others. Joining our team will require fundraising, parental time and effort as well as time and effort from the athlete.

We hope to see you in August.