We offer affordable travel cheerleading.

Youth Cheer Football Season

All Cheerleaders are expected to practice once or twice a week,as scheduled by their coach, they will cheer at all of Phoenix Revolution Sports football games on Saturdays, and perform at the end of season playoffs/super bowl games.  At the completion of football season, the director of cheer will select athletes form our current cheer squad to participate in our youth cheer travel season.

Youth Cheer Travel Season

During the summer our cheerleaders who are selected to travel, at the coach’s discretion, will travel with our Phoenix Revolution Basketball team. These athletes cheer all around the Houston area. This select group of athletes will compete in cheer competitions and/or perform in area events.  Due to the travel expenses and event fees, this team also has a fundraising obligation.

Phoenix Revolution Cheer registration fee is $90 per session.

All athletes must turn in copies of their report cards, and they must be dedicated to the team 100%. Poor participation, attendance, lack of discipline will result in removal from the cheer squad with no refund.

Cheer squad created by the Phoenix T&E Foundation. We are a nonprofit organization with a current 501 c3.