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“Last night, the Ladykats JV Basketball team lost to Magnolia 55-61. Villarreal was the leading scorer for Willis with 23 points. The Ladykats are now 8-3 in District.” – Willis High School  Facebook Page


Maya Villareal became a member of the Revolution in it’s inaugural season. She has shown a considerable amount of growth since stepping inside Travis Elementary School for the first practice. She’s grown in her ability to control the game, see the floor, make plays, and lead. Although she still has a long road ahead if she aspires to be a next level player, she’s young and carries the potential to elevate her game to the superseding level. With a performance like this in a game where her team put up 55 points, and lost, it shows that she is a perennial player at her level poised to make the jump to the next.

It will be interesting to see how much of an improvement we will see after a year of year-round basketball going into a second consecutive year. With the exception of freaks of nature, this is the path to greatness. Villareal seems serious about and on her way to fulfilling her potential.