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It was a matchup of two of 6A district 12’s best players in Quentin Grimes and Jay Lewis in a packed house at College Park High School. There was a bit of an atmosphere as there usually is in anticipation for the show that is likely to come with ESPN’s #8 player in the country, Quentin Grimes.

1st Half

From the jump, College Park shot out to a quick lead and never looked back. The tigers had a plan to double CP’s all-star player but, like a well composed veteran, Grimes took what the defense gave him and found open teammates time and time again for easy buckets. Both teams attacked the basket relentlessly, but the Cavs proved more effective scoring a bulk of their points in the paint and getting to the free throw line constantly. Grimes struggled from the field early on but got to the basket with ease converting most of his drives. Quinton really struggled from the free throw line but still managed to have a very effective game.

The tigers stayed consistent with their style of play that has proven ineffective overall throughout the season. The Ball funneled through Jay Lewis’ hands as it has throughout the season and the team struggled again. The Tigers fell to a quick 11-3 deficit early in the first quarter and went into the halftime break with the score fixed at 39-23, advantage CP.

2nd Half

The second half was more of the same. Although he continued to struggle from the field for much of the third quarter, Grimes’ drives to the basket continued to go unabated. As the distance on scoreboard broadened, Jay Lewis began to press, forcing up shots and driving through heavy traffic continuing a method of play that has proven throughout the season to be ineffective.

Coach Mason pulls Jay near the midway mark in the 3rd quarter and, shortly after, Grimes begins to heat up from the field hitting consecutive pull up jumpers and a few 3 pointers at the end of the third and beginning of the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach for the Tigers.

Michael Phoenix has begun to emerge as a future stand out player for the Conroe Tigers. After Coach Mason retired Lewis for the night, Michael was the clear go to player and began to get into rhythm dropping several jumpers and getting to the basket effectively. Bryce Harris also had several strong buckets in the paint as he has demonstrated the ability to do which creates mismatches with guards who are too small or forwards who don’t have the ability to stay in front of him.

Until the Tigers commit to playing as a team using everyone’s abilities as opposed to living and (mostly) dying in the shoulders of one player, their struggles will remain. Quentin Grimes finished with 45 points in the 88-50 Route.