Revolution Sports League was created by Phoenix T&E foundation, INC. to be more than a sports program, in addition to offering basketball, football, volleyball, and cheerleading to all youth of Montgomery County we work to reach a targeted population of youth who are low income, at risk and/or socially disadvantaged. This league has the goal of reaching our youth through the use sports to inspire and encourage them to become young  leaders within our community.

We are a privately funded 501c (3) non-profit organization who is committed to providing an avenue for these young men and women to play sports at the highest level. We would like to increase the skill levels of our younger athletes, in hopes of creating a more competitive level of play in the “school ball” setting. In doing so we strive to increase the potential for our more of our youth, right here in Montgomery County, to be scouted for scholarship and/ or exposed to multiple universities. We are here to develop these young men and women, to provide them with positive goals, leadership and life skills, academic tutoring and support, workforce/occupational training, mentorship, and  teamwork. We believe playing sports at this level is a privilege that is secondary to education, which is why we have an especially strong focus on academics.

We encourage volunteering and parental support within the program, it is our desire and goal to bring families closer and to initiate bonding between peers, families, coaches and volunteers. We would love to welcome you on our journey.