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Tryouts for the Phoenix Revolution Basketball 2020 Season

January Dates:                                February Dates:
Monday 01-20-2020                     Monday 02-17-2020
Wednesday 01-22-2020               Wednesday 02-19-2020
Wednesday 01-29-2020               Wednesday 02-24-2020
Thursday 01-30-2020                   Friday 02-28-2020

Location: Conroe Rec Center

Time 6:30pm- 8:30pm

What to expect:
1. Athletes who attend will recieve 4 full Revolution Basketball workouts.
* Expect to be pushed, expect it to be hard, expect to give your all and please be honest with yourself (if during the workout you discover that you are not willing to workout at our pace 3 times a wwek and 2 weekends a moth, let us know)

2. Full & honest feedback, from our coaching staff,  about your athlete’s current abilities, inprovement expectations, and about their readiness to compete at this level.
*Althlete will be assesed on abilities, work ethic, dedication, attitude and character. You do not have to be the best, but you must be willing to work.

*Participation in all four Sessions included for one $35 Try-out fee
* Try-out fee will count towards registraton fee for all players selected  for the 2020 tbasketball team rosters.